The history of Piramid Scheme is not a long one. The band is led by Lisa Said and Darrien Day and began shortly after they met in Washington, D.C. during the summer of 2017. 

After a couple of years of recording her solo work on nights and weekends, Said quit her corporate job and ventured out and played and attended as many shows as she could in 2017. Said first crossed paths with Day in late July at a DIY house show after he returned to Washington, DC from Richmond after his band Atta Girl came to its finale.

Connecting on Instagram a month later, Day asked if Said needed extra instrumentation for her solo work. With Said's EP release show the following week at D.C.'s Black Cat, she needed someone to handle additional guitar duties. The two met up immediately, played the show with Said's longtime collaborator drummer Andrew Toy and impressed everyone with the new addition of Day's lead guitar and stage swagger. After a couple of shows featuring Said's solo songs, the pair started working on new material, recruiting Toy to play drums, making the new collaboration official.

photo by Lynda Meier

photo by Lynda Meier

The scheming trio began recording in December 2017 at Inner Ear Studio in Arlington, VA with legendary sound engineer Don Zientara, completing the sessions within 3 weeks. Day performed all bass and most of the guitar parts. The rest of the construction of the recordings are the same as Said's solo's work: Said on vocals, Toy on drums, Jason Kingsland mixed the songs, and Zientara mastered the EP. The resulting vibe is different and more straightforward by intention. If Said's solo work was an impression of interpersonal entanglements, Piramid Scheme is a joint retreat to the garage—complete with a punching bag, vintage amps, and face cut-outs on the dart board.